Lilly Mae

June 27, 2012

About Lilly Mae

Our Miss Lilly is 6.4lbs and is Blue Gray. She is a mini Gracie Mae, the last to continue her mother's legacy. She can be shy and a little timid but do not let that fool you, she is straight up Yorkshire Terrier: "A big dog in a small body". Very athletic, smart, alert and never misses an opportunity to rid the yard of any type of wildlife intruders. She is a love bug and a very spoiled Daddy's Girl. Very adventurous, she and her sister Miss Pretty love to go to work with Dad to the Post Office, even if it entails a ride on the back of his scooter in a pet carrier. (Do not fear, securely attached)

Miss Lilly retired at the beginning of 2020 and is currently enjoying her retirement as a couch potato. She has left the family legacy to her daughter Miss Tilly Mae!

Lilly's Traits

  • Born June 27, 2012

  • Color Blue Gray

  • 6.4lbs

  • Very smart

  • Athletic and adventurous

  • Alert/Great watch dog

  • Sweet Personality

  • Loves to cuddle